ù: "ҨѺ˭
Ҩ: ""
ù: "դѺ"
Ҩ: "´ ըдҡ"
ù: "֧"
Ҩ: "ФΌ ѧ Ѵ
Ѵ ¶֧觷͹()
͹ áѧ͹Ό
仡ҴѴ ǹΌ"

A young novice goes to his teacher with a frown on his face.
Novice: "Teacher, the senior novice says that I have a 'fan' "*
Teacher: "Well, do you have one?"
Novice: "No, sir!"
Teacher: "That's too bad. It would be nice if you had one."
Novice: "Why would it be nice?"
Teacher: "Because in English, 'fan' is a cooling device.
You don't have a fan, so you are hot.
Now go and sweep the temple
and look for a fan in your heart."
* fan in Thai means sweetheart