Dhamma is the Buddha’s teaching. Dhamma is the second of the Triple Gem. The Triple Gem is the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha Dhamma is the most precious object. Dhamma protects a person from evil, prevents him from doing evil, and leads him to a righteous and peaceful life.But many people do not understand the usefulness of the Dhamma because they think that the things which are useful in the present life are only food, clothing, shelter, medicine and luxuries.Some people think that do pratise the Dhamma is useless, so they never care to practise the Dhamma. They do not know that no one can be really happy if he does not practise the Dhamma
Some people say that one can be happy without taking any interest in the Dhamma, they say so because they do not understand the meaning of the word “Dhamma”

To be deligent is Dhamma. To respect parents, teachers, olders, monks and novice is Dhamma. To be moderate in spending and saving is to practise the Dhamma. To be grateful to benefacfors is to practise the Dhamma and to try to associate with good persons is to practise the Dhamma
The fool does not know the value of Dhamma is the same way as cock does not know the value of the gem. So he must be troubled by this own bad action

If you do not work hard, you will fail in your examinations. Why is this so? Because you do not practise the Dhamma. We can say that everyone must practise the Dhamma, because true happiness depends on the Dhamma
Though you are a rich man, yet you can not be happy if you do not practise the Dhamma. The Dhamma, therefore, is the basis of a really happy life.

Some people call themselves Buddhists, but they do not know the meaning of the Dhamma and they do not practise the teaching of the Buddha. They are only Buddhist by name and tradition.
We are Buddhists. We are followers of the Buddha. We practise the teaching of Buddhism.we adopt what is right and reject what is wrongThere are still many people who enjoy doing evil. There people are not ashamed of doing evil. These people think they can always go to heaven until they die. Sooner or later such people will receive the results of what they have done.

As Buddhists, we well know that on of our duties is to practise the teaching of the Buddha in order to make ourselves useful to ourselves and to others.